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I have created several Play-Along Drum Tracks (available on YouTube) that are great for practice and writing sessions. Listed below is a short description of each video.

001 – A straightforward, mid-tempo beat, created with a rock/country feel (with just a bit of dirt) in mind. (130bpmYouTube

002 – A funky, upbeat combination of drums and percussion with side-stick in the verses and an open snare in the choruses. (110bpmYouTube

003 – A high-energy “four on the floor” beat that would be great with different styles of music. (135bpmYouTube

004 – A slow, simple beat in 4/4. Great for beginners, and works great with multiple music styles. (70bpmYouTube

005 – A groove-heavy combination of drums and percussion that would work especially well with blues or latin music. (158bpmYouTube

006 – A quick, yet soft beat that’s heavy on the side-stick. (140bpmYouTube

007 – A half-time verse, followed by a steady, commanding snare in the chorus. (128bpmYouTube

008 – A driving beat, most suited for rock or mid-tempo punk. (180bpmYouTube

009 – A mid-tempo combination of drums and percussion with a bit of a ballad feel to it, only with more energy. (88bpmYouTube

010 – A slow, reflective beat with just a bit of a boost in the choruses. Played with hot-rods. (90bpmYouTube

011 – A slow beat that goes between the ride and some steady tom-work. (96bpmYouTube

012 – A “four on the floor” beat with some marching-style snare work. (108bpmYouTube

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